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Criticism as an edging blade writing

Chung Yoon-Jae (Graduate School of Korean Studies, Korea)

Hello, everyone. I hope you are faring well in passing over the threshold of early fall. Yesterday’s bright sunshine and blue sky looked beautiful. But the domestic situation does not so. Political circumstances still retain instability and economic conditions does not boost up. International circumstances, which seems similar to those of 120 years ago, present us a challenge.

The difficult and challenging circumstances may be nothing new to us, who have survived many hardships in history. The time has come, however, to step over the level of survival and realize ourselves according to new needs and desires. I believe that our national values based on comprehending humanity were implemented in the hearts from the beginning of our history, giving a standing stimulus to our survival during the dark periods of history. Given our present material prosperity, unparalleled in our history, is it not our proper choice or duty to realize our comprehending humanity in its full? Good and edging blade writings begin, I believe, when we experience “scratches” in the hearts to long for such ideals. In the end, the rise and fall of history may depend upon their realization.

It is said that it is very hard to find a good writer. On the other hand, there are lots of “liberal” criticisms which poke into this and that things, leaving behind their solutions to anybody else. In a word, it is hard to find criticism as an edging blade writing, which takes seriously public things common to our life and make intelligent efforts to solve their problems. I hope KAPC will make contributions to encouraging such a public spirit.